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Mentoring sessions

Each course will have one or two tutors in charge of the course who will help their students achieve their academic and personal goals.


Student - Mentor

Students can request tutoring with their tutor at any time of the course.

This is a task in which the listening, closeness and personalized attention of the students are launched.


Parents - Mentor

Parents also have a very important role so that the tutor's work can be effective, so at least two tutorials are held throughout the academic year, but additional tutorials can be requested depending on the circumstances and evolution of the student.


Class - Mentor

Finally, every week there is a tutoring class with the entire course in the secondary stage to learn about the problems that exist in the class and thus put solutions quickly.

There are also debates and talks on controversial topics in which students may have doubts.


Personal Objectives

-Personal knowledge and development of self-esteem from 1st grade to 4th grade.

-Ethical values

-Development of social skills and conflict resolution


Academics Objectives

-Custom study habits and strategies

-Professional academic orientation.

-Talks about professional development.


Attention to parents

Through the Alexia platform parents can send a statement to request an appointment with the tutor and they can be up to date with their child's behavior at school at all times.


Main Aspects

Academic, personal and social aspects will always be discussed to continue advancing each year.

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